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Introducing Google Nose Beta!

*Cough* Google have introduced a wonderful new service called Google Nose Beta, a nifty service that allows an individual to smell various scents! Screenshots below.

google prank

google prank info 2

google prank 3 google prank 4

There are various scents one can try.

google prank 2 google prank 7 google prank 5


What do you think?


(1st of April = April fool’s prank)

Random Photographs From His Phone + Camera

Photographs from the phone and pocket camera of random things and places…Some edited with hipster gram (Instagram) and some are unedited. I take pictures of such random things…

A cappuccino, my favourite cup of coffee.

A cappuccino, my favourite cup of coffee.

The central park in October

The central park in October

Post office stamp things. Defunct but still gorgeous.

Post office stamp dispensers. Defunct but still gorgeous.

IMG_20121213_132535 IMG_20130119_140156 IMG_20130121_205302

Temporary Henna Tattoo that was done in 5 minutes, lasted 10 days.

Temporary Henna Tattoo that was done in 5 minutes, lasted 10 days.

Otto the teddy outside Parliament.

Otto the teddy outside Parliament.

Construction everywhere in Kenya.

Construction everywhere in Kenya.

Summer in Kenya.

Summer in Kenya.

I love these shoes, one wants more!

I love these shoes, one wants more!

Old hard drive from the IBM.

Old hard drive from the IBM.

Gardens and wine at a friends place.

Gardens and wine at a friends place.


Staceyann Chin and Zuri :)

Staceyann Chin and Zuri :)

More baby elephants!

More baby elephants!

Another baby elephant.

Another baby elephant.

This is Kenya!!

This is Kenya!!

Baby elephants at the Daphne Sheldrick.

Baby elephants at the Daphne Sheldrick.

One of my favourite off roaders.

One of my favourite off roaders.


Elephants are wonderful creatures (when not angry).

Elephants are wonderful creatures (when not angry).



Sandra! :)

Sandra! :)

And adorable baby Zuri! :)

And adorable baby Zuri! :)

I was reading this at some point.

I was reading this at some point.

IMG_20121215_103647 IMG_20121222_133211

More books! An epic, a collection of plays and a collection of blogs in paperback. Fun!

More books! An epic, a collection of plays and a collection of blogs in paperback. Fun!

Construction machinery is cool.

Construction machinery is cool.

Cool is this old vintage Mercedes that's just rotting in a city estate. Not sure if 220S or 280S.

Cool is this old vintage Mercedes that’s just rotting in a city estate. Not sure if 220S or 280S.

Poor thing.

Poor thing.

More construction machinery! Cool.

More construction machinery!Cool.

New Blackberries! Z10 + Q10

Blackberry Z10 (picture copyright: the Verge)

The new Blackberry Z10. This device really, really, deserves to succeed and help turn the company (now called “Blackberry”, a change from Research In Motion) around. Negative journalism won’t help consumer confidence. It’s rather gorgeous innit? Dual core processor, 8MP camera, LTE connectivity… it seems on par with an HTC sensation spec-wise.

The Verge wrote a good review of it. The tone of the review is quite skeptical though. They also have a hands on of the sister device the Q10 (with a physical keyboard).

Yaey or Naey? You the consumer, will have to decide.

2012 In Music

My taste in music is quite strange. A friend asked me what I thought of 2012 in music, this is it. These are purely my views and not of others.


Most Listened to albums:


Chicane – Thousand Mile Stare

Sublime, that’s the best word I can describe for this album. Though originally released in December 2011, I got it in April 2012. Chicane’s latest work is hauntingly beautiful, a mixture of trance and chill out ambient music. He mixes English and Icelandic vocals.  Opens with euphoria in Hljop,  goes up beat with the nothing song and gets chilled out with goldfish. An epic listening experience.

Top Track: Solaruppras


Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour

This album is a refreshing break from all their 70s pop-inspired themes that graced their previous albums. It’s a like it or hate it offering. Some may find it melancholic in an upbeat way, others may see it it as a fun, party themed album with Let’s have a kiki and Shady Love.

Top Track:  Somewhere


P!nk – The Truth About Love

P!nk does it again with her latest work, the truth about love. Still rock themed, with one or two balads depending on which edition you get. Try and Blow me one last kiss are signature tracks of hers, whilst Beam me up and Is this thing still on demonstrate her singing prowess. Get the deluxe version and you’re in for a treat.

Top track: Is this thing still on (Available on deluxe versions)


Pet Shop Boys – Elysium

I’d been waiting for this album since their most fantastic Yes album from 2009. Elysium is more laid back in tone, with leaving being an upbeat in a relaxed way, with the album building up with winner, and leaving you laid back in an 80′s way with requiem in denim and leopardskin. It makes one want to dance after listening.

Top track:


Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss

Yes, It made it here. With Call me maybe peaking charts and inducing parodies globally, the album had to be just as interesting. Kiss and Curious Are fun tracks, as is Good time with Owl city. It’s generally an upbeat album, easily likeable.

Top Track: More than a Memory


Paloma Faith – Fall To Grace

This album will surprise you.  Full of emotion, one might be torn between Picking up the pieces and When you’re gone. The album has a mix of retro and modern sounds mashed together quite well. A much better effort than her first album in my opinion.

Just a band sorry for the delay

Just A Band – Sorry For The Delay

The delay was worth it. Their latest album is a musical treat from Kenya’s music scene. From life of the party to a while, your hour will fly by as you nod your head. Looking for home is a future classic, Bush Baby Disco is their signature sound. Probably for lovers is a musical treat. Excellent.

Biggest letdowns:


Keane – Strangeland

I don’t quite know what happened to their creativity after their first two albums. Their latest work strangeland is just that. Strange. I liked Silenced by the night and nothing else. A very bland album.


Madonna – MDNA

You are 50something years old and you’re making electronic dance music. And thrusting your pelvis in everyone’s face in your girl gone wild video. This idea is fine according to Madonna. It is not fine to me. If she wants to stick to this genre, she needs better producers. One cannot compare this with her previous works such as confessions on a dancefloor. Superstar is worth a listen though.


Rihanna – Unapologetic

I thought it’d be another epic music experience much the way her 2010 loud album was; that album was amazing. One would think it would Shine bright like a diamond, but instead it made me feel bored. This album, it’s called unapologetic because it’s just shit.

I hope 2013 has interesting albums lined up. Happy new year everyone!

(all images belong to their respective artists)

christmas 1

Happy holidays!

iPhone 5 Marketing Tact


Whilst there are many Apple iPhone 5 reviews out (the verge has a great one) I couldn’t help but observe at how they’ve marketed the phone on their website. “iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you’d expect from a finely crafted watch—not a smartphone.”

With such statements and gorgeous photographs of the phone, of course you’d go and get one. They’re “carefully crafted” (read written) to make you amaze in awe and want one.

You then spend $649 for a contract free 16GB model, open the box, and find the handset has scratches.

The Huffington Post also has an amazing article on how much the iPhone 5 will actually cost you. I’d personally rather the $649 contract free than $1800 for a 2 year contract.

You be the Judge.

(Image source)

His Time Away

“Creativity refers to the invention or origination of any new thing (a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc.) that has value. “New” may refer to the individual creator or the society or domain within which novelty occurs. “Valuable”, similarly, may be defined in a variety of ways.”

Creativity as defined by Wikipedia.

Where Have I been? Wrapping up university, traveling to places, and just generally trying to get over my writer’s block. Places like the coastal city of Mombasa were visited during my time away from writing.

Sunset at the port

The port of Mombasa at sunset. ISO 800 camera picture setting.

You all know about the Google/Asus Nexus 7 tablet. $199 quad core tablet that disrupted the industry more than the Kindle Fire did. So much power for such a decent price!


I would very much like one. Blackberry have a 64GB playbook tablet for £129 is great value as well, considering it can run (some) android apps. This offer is available at selected online stores in the UK. I wish I could have both.

Do I have any sentiments on the Apple vs Samsung case? The Galaxy S1/S2 do look quite a bit like the iPhone. Apple awarded $1.05 Billion dollars in damages. Apple sues again. They might as well sue laptop maker HP for “trade dress” infringement, in recent time HP laptops have looked a lot like apple’s macbook pros at this rate. Imitation they say, is the best form of flattery. On the Apple vs Samsung case, Samsung carefully thought over the design of their latest offering (Galaxy S3) but are still getting sued over the device. In my honest opinion, the real war is Apple vs Android. Steve Jobs wanted to see Android ruined. These cases are a precursor to such a war. I’m following these closely.

I got to discover Paradise Lost, a getaway that’s about a 20 minute journey from the Nairobi CBD.


I encourage everyone to visit the place, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Lets see where the rest of the year takes me.

Surface by Microsoft

A tablet PC from Microsoft?

It was inevitable that they tapped into the lucrative tablet PC market. For the first time since the Original X-box and the X360, Microsoft has unveiled to the world something exciting, something that’s worth waiting for. They unveiled a tablet PC called Surface, a very interesting tablet PC that will be powered by an ARM or an Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

Isn’t this like any other tablet?

It’s unique in many ways, but what’s most unique about it is that it runs Windows 8. Sure, many upcoming tablets will run windows 8 but what makes Microsoft surface unique is that It’s not build by third party companies like Acer, Lenovo, or Asus, all of whom have experience building tablets. No, this is built for them by an independent contract manufacturer, much the way Apple employs Foxxcon to manufacture the iPad. Consumers will have a choice of two, Surface RT & Surface Professional.

Right, what are the differences between Surface RT & Professional?

It features a 10.6 cleartype HD display, 32Gb or 64GB storage capacity for the RT (ARM powered) or 64GB/128GB for the Professional (Intel Ivy Bridge powered). The major differences between RT and Professional are the storage capacities, the ports available (USB 2.0 vs 3.0) and accessories. The surface professional will come with a pen, probably something similar to the S-pen that Samsung offers with it’s galaxy note range.

How will they differentiate this from the flooded tablet PC market?

I love what Microsoft’s done with the cover for the device! I praise their design team on this aspect. Their cover is truly a smart cover. Full pressure sensitive keyboard that features a mousepad. And it comes in an array of pastel colours. What Asus charge a premium for with their transformer prime tablet, you will get as standard. However, for those that prefer classical type keyboards, there’s a cover they have called Type Cover that features real moving keys.

The question gripping everyone; Will it Succeed?

Tricky question, it can either be a success, much like the way the X-box and X360 were, or be an utter flop like the Zune music player. If they studied the blackberry Playbook campaign, they’ll know precisely how to market it.

Microsoft (and this goes out to all other manufacturers) need to borrow a leaf from Apple and know how to sell a product the day it’s launched, even if it warrants backlogs. Should they delay product release into the retail market, and price it at the same price with the iPad or possibly more, then it will fail. However if they undercut the ipad by say, $49, then it will be a success. Can they price it at Amzon Kindle Fire levels of $199? Judging from the materials used, size and market positioning, I’d say it’s highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, I do hope they have a sound marketing and pricing strategy, as this device truly deserves to succeed.


(Images source)

You & Your Cell Phone Camera

Middle-Income Kenyans are a tech savvy lot, based on what my questionnaire you & your cellphone camera revealed to me! :-)


I was curious to understand how Kenyans utilize their cell phone cameras. I’ve got friends that buy Nokia N8s, Galaxy S2s e.t.c and they barely use the phone’s camera. Which is a shame really, some of the N8′s promo videos (as well as the upcoming 808: It’s promo videos are shot using the device itself) was shot using the N8 itself. I wish they knew what they had in their palms.

Anyway, I wanted to understand the behaviour of those with camera phones, how often they take pictures, if they share and upload them, which sites they upload to and if image quality of their cellphones mattered to them.

I went to surveymonkey two weeks ago and made an easy, 5 question online questionnaire that I distributed using email and social networks. I should add that for basic questionnaires, surveymonkey does the job really well. It even offers free analysis. It’s very good.

To graph the data, I used chartgo, another free site that’s very easy to use, and offers visually appealing graphs that don’t bore the eye as much.


A total of 40 respondents answered the questionnaire (thanks!) and this is what the study brought forth:

Q1. How many pictures a day do you take with your cell phone camera?

As seen, majority take at least one photo a day. This could be due to:

  • Environmental constraints (Environment/work place rules)
  • Behaviours
  • Lack of interest

Among other constraints.  We have individuals that use their cameras at least 5 times a day, and the precious few who take more than 10 pictures a day. It seems at this mid-range level there is no phone that lacks a camera that’s on offer today.

Q2. Do you share pictures taken with your cell phone?

Evidently, nearly everyone shares pictures they take with their camera phones. Some of us take pictures and rarely share, so you’d find the “camera photos” folder full but none shared.

Q3. Do you share pictures taken with your cell phone’s camera on social networks?

Majority of respondents did! I should have inquired about multi-media messaging as well but i felt in this day and age many use social networking sites because it’s cheaper and has a wider scope of audience.

Q4. Does image quality from your cell phone camera matter to you?

I was right in asking this, because very many mid-range phones have poor quality cameras. For example, Kenya’s most popular smartphone is the Huawei ideos U8150. Yet the camera module on it is deplorable! Even the Nokia N70 from 2005-6 had a much better 2 megapixel unit. If image matters to consumers, why not offer better cameras on the mid-rangers? Well, they’ve got to keep overheads low. That’s the answer I give people.

Q5. Which social networks do you upload your captured cell phone camera pictures to?

And finally, we have the most popular social networking/blog sites that users upload their photos to, with facebook taking the lead, closely followed by twitter. Do you think instagram is a social network or an app? Many seemed to indicate that it’s a social network in the “others” field. Be the judge. MySpace is just…dead.


Profile pictures, that “hilarious moment”, random beautiful nature shots, that handsome car driving by… One picture seems to do it for most of us.
Whether the trend of taking more pictures will increase or not is all dependent on consumer behaviour.

Any thoughts on this?

an iPad for work

I’ll be using a 32GB first generation iPad. This ought to be an interesting experience. So far, it’s like a giant iPod touch! It was being treated as a games device but with a few essential apps here and there it’ll be a competent office device.


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