You & Your Cell Phone Camera

by wilfylou

Middle-Income Kenyans are a tech savvy lot, based on what my questionnaire you & your cellphone camera revealed to me! :-)


I was curious to understand how Kenyans utilize their cell phone cameras. I’ve got friends that buy Nokia N8s, Galaxy S2s e.t.c and they barely use the phone’s camera. Which is a shame really, some of the N8′s promo videos (as well as the upcoming 808: It’s promo videos are shot using the device itself) was shot using the N8 itself. I wish they knew what they had in their palms.

Anyway, I wanted to understand the behaviour of those with camera phones, how often they take pictures, if they share and upload them, which sites they upload to and if image quality of their cellphones mattered to them.

I went to surveymonkey two weeks ago and made an easy, 5 question online questionnaire that I distributed using email and social networks. I should add that for basic questionnaires, surveymonkey does the job really well. It even offers free analysis. It’s very good.

To graph the data, I used chartgo, another free site that’s very easy to use, and offers visually appealing graphs that don’t bore the eye as much.


A total of 40 respondents answered the questionnaire (thanks!) and this is what the study brought forth:

Q1. How many pictures a day do you take with your cell phone camera?

As seen, majority take at least one photo a day. This could be due to:

  • Environmental constraints (Environment/work place rules)
  • Behaviours
  • Lack of interest

Among other constraints.  We have individuals that use their cameras at least 5 times a day, and the precious few who take more than 10 pictures a day. It seems at this mid-range level there is no phone that lacks a camera that’s on offer today.

Q2. Do you share pictures taken with your cell phone?

Evidently, nearly everyone shares pictures they take with their camera phones. Some of us take pictures and rarely share, so you’d find the “camera photos” folder full but none shared.

Q3. Do you share pictures taken with your cell phone’s camera on social networks?

Majority of respondents did! I should have inquired about multi-media messaging as well but i felt in this day and age many use social networking sites because it’s cheaper and has a wider scope of audience.

Q4. Does image quality from your cell phone camera matter to you?

I was right in asking this, because very many mid-range phones have poor quality cameras. For example, Kenya’s most popular smartphone is the Huawei ideos U8150. Yet the camera module on it is deplorable! Even the Nokia N70 from 2005-6 had a much better 2 megapixel unit. If image matters to consumers, why not offer better cameras on the mid-rangers? Well, they’ve got to keep overheads low. That’s the answer I give people.

Q5. Which social networks do you upload your captured cell phone camera pictures to?

And finally, we have the most popular social networking/blog sites that users upload their photos to, with facebook taking the lead, closely followed by twitter. Do you think instagram is a social network or an app? Many seemed to indicate that it’s a social network in the “others” field. Be the judge. MySpace is just…dead.


Profile pictures, that “hilarious moment”, random beautiful nature shots, that handsome car driving by… One picture seems to do it for most of us.
Whether the trend of taking more pictures will increase or not is all dependent on consumer behaviour.

Any thoughts on this?

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